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Biblical Girl Names: Timeless Treasures from Ancient Scriptures

Biblical names are timeless and steeped in history, making them a popular choice for many parents seeking meaningful and significant names for their baby girls. In this article, we will explore two main categories of biblical girl names those from the Old Testament and those from the New Testament.

Within each category, we will delve into specific subtopics, including the most popular names from each testament. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s embark on this enlightening journey into the world of biblical girl names!

Old Testament Biblical Girl Names

Old Testament Biblical Girl Names

The Old Testament is a treasure trove of beautiful names for baby girls. With their rich history and spiritual significance, these names resonate with many parents today.

Here are some popular Old Testament biblical girl names:

1. Sarah – This name, meaning “princess,” belonged to Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament.

Sarah is a timeless name that exudes grace and elegance. 2.

Rachel – Known for her beauty and loyalty, Rachel was one of the matriarchs of the Old Testament. This name means “ewe” and symbolizes tenderness and kindness.

3. Leah – As the older sister of Rachel, Leah’s name means “weary.” Despite her initial struggles, Leah’s story teaches us about finding beauty and strength in unexpected places.

4. Rebecca – This name, meaning “to tie firmly,” belonged to Isaac’s wife in the Old Testament.

Rebecca is known for her hospitality and faithfulness.

Popular Old Testament Biblical Girl Names

While all Old Testament biblical girl names hold a special significance, some have remained consistently popular throughout the years. Let’s explore a few of these beloved names:


Abigail – Meaning “father’s joy” or “source of joy,” Abigail was known for her intelligence and bravery. This name evokes a sense of happiness and optimism.

2. Hannah – The name Hannah, meaning “grace” or “favor,” belonged to a woman who fervently prayed for a child.

Hannah’s story teaches us about patience and the power of faith. 3.

Esther – Known for her bravery and beauty, Esther was a queen in the Old Testament who saved her people from annihilation. The name Esther symbolizes strength and courage.

4. Naomi – This name, meaning “pleasantness,” belonged to a loyal mother-in-law in the Old Testament.

Naomi’s story teaches us about resilience and the power of family bonds.

New Testament Biblical Girl Names

New Testament Biblical Girl Names

The New Testament introduces a new set of biblical girl names that inspire and captivate. Let’s discover some of these beautiful names:


Mary – Perhaps one of the most well-known biblical girl names, Mary holds great significance as the mother of Jesus. This name means “sea of bitterness” or “wished-for child.”


Elizabeth – Known for her faith and unwavering devotion, Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist. This name, meaning “God’s promise,” is timeless and elegant.

3. Martha – As a woman known for her hospitality and service, Martha’s name signifies strength and dedication.

This biblical girl name means “lady” or “mistress.”

4. Lydia – Lydia was a successful businesswoman in the New Testament known for her generosity and hospitality.

This name represents creativity and independence.

Popular New Testament Biblical Girl Names

Just like in the Old Testament, certain New Testament biblical girl names have captured the hearts of parents for generations. Here are a few popular choices:


Anna – As a prophetess in the New Testament, Anna’s name means “grace” or “favor.” This biblical girl name exudes wisdom and spirituality. 2.

Joanna – Known for her loyalty and support of Jesus, Joanna’s name means “God is gracious.” This name invokes a sense of kindness and compassion. 3.

Priscilla – Priscilla was a faithful follower of Jesus who played a vital role in spreading the gospel. This name, meaning “ancient” or “venerable,” symbolizes wisdom and deep understanding.

4. Lois – Mentioned briefly in the New Testament, Lois was Timothy’s grandmother, passing down her faith from generation to generation.

This name signifies a strong spiritual heritage. Conclusion:

In this article, we have explored Old Testament and New Testament biblical girl names, shedding light on their historical and spiritual significance.

Whether you are drawn to the grace and elegance of the Old Testament names or the wisdom and devotion of the New Testament names, biblical girl names offer a timeless connection to ancient stories of faith, hope, and love. As you embark on the journey of naming your baby girl, consider these biblical names that carry such profound meaning and inspiration.

In this enlightening article, we have explored the world of biblical girl names, both from the Old Testament and the New Testament. We have delved into their historical significance and showcased popular choices in each category.

These timeless names offer a deep connection to ancient stories of faith, resilience, and love. Whether you are drawn to the grace of Sarah or the devotion of Mary, biblical girl names carry a profound meaning that can inspire and uplift.

As you embark on the journey of choosing a name for your baby girl, consider the wisdom and spiritual heritage that these names encompass. Choose a biblical girl name that resonates with your values and embraces the timeless beauty of these ancient stories.

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