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Regal Names: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Royal Baby Name

Royal Baby Names: A Guide to Names Fit for RoyaltyWhen it comes to choosing a name for a new baby, some parents find inspiration in the rich history of royalty. Whether it’s the regal sound of a name or the desire to pay homage to a real-life king or queen, royal baby names have always been popular choices.

In this article, we will explore royal baby boy names and royal baby girl names, highlighting the names based on real people and those with meaningful connections to royalty. So, if you’re searching for a name fit for a prince or princess, read on for some regal inspiration!

Royal Baby Boy Names

Royal Baby Boy Names Based on Real People

When considering royal baby boy names, turning to history is a great way to find inspiration. Here are a few names that are derived from real-life kings and princes:

– Arthur: This classic name carries a rich history, reminiscent of King Arthur, the legendary leader of the Knights of the Round Table.

– William: A timeless choice, William is associated with several kings, including William the Conqueror, who became the first Norman King of England in 1066. – Henry: With British monarchs such as Henry VIII and Henry V, this name exudes strength and power.

– Charles: The name Charles is closely tied to the British royal family, with Prince Charles being the heir apparent to the throne. – Albert: Associated with the great Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, this name symbolizes both intelligence and regality.

Royal Baby Boy

Names with Regal Meanings

If you’re looking for a royal baby boy name with a regal meaning, consider these options:

– Alexander: Meaning “defender of men,” this name exudes strength and leadership qualities. – Edward: With a meaning of “wealthy guardian,” this name perfectly embodies the responsibilities of a prince.

– Sebastian: Derived from the Latin word “sebastos,” meaning “revered,” this name carries an air of respect and admiration. – Frederick: Meaning “peaceful ruler,” this name reflects the desired qualities of a benevolent king.

– Nicholas: Derived from the Greek word “nike,” meaning “victory,” this name has connotations of triumph and success.

Royal Baby Girl Names

Royal Baby Girl Names Based on Real People

Just like royal baby boy names, royal baby girl names also have strong ties to historical figures. Here are a few names inspired by real princesses and queens:

– Victoria: An epitome of the Victorian era, this name pays homage to the iconic queen.

– Elizabeth: With Queen Elizabeth II currently reigning, this name represents a long-standing tradition of powerful female monarchs. – Catherine: This name takes inspiration from Catherine the Great, who ruled Russia during the 18th century.

– Mary: Reminiscent of Queen Mary I of England, this name carries a touch of historical significance. – Anne: Anne Boleyn, one of the most famous queens in history, lends her name to this choice with a royal history.

Royal Baby Girl

Names with Royal Meanings

If you’re after royal baby girl names with royal meanings, consider these options:

– Alexandra: Derived from the Greek word “alexein,” meaning “to defend,” this name signifies strength and protectiveness. – Eleanor: Meaning “bright, shining one,” this name carries an air of brilliance and majesty.

– Isabella: With a meaning of “consecrated to God,” this name has religious undertones, mirroring the role of monarchs as defenders of the faith. – Matilda: A name meaning “mighty in battle,” it conjures images of queens leading their armies with strength and determination.

– Adelaide: Derived from the Germanic name “Adalheidis,” meaning “noble,” this name portrays a sense of grace and elegance. Conclusion:

In summary, royal baby names provide a unique opportunity to bestow a sense of nobility upon a child.

Whether drawn from real-life kings and queens or carrying meaningful regal associations, these names capture the imagination and embody a sense of history. By considering royal baby boy names and royal baby girl names, parents can choose names that not only sound regal but also carry the weight of centuries of tradition.

So, if you’re looking for a name fit for a prince or princess, consider these royal-inspired options and give your baby a name destined for greatness.

List of Royal Baby Boy Names

Names Inspired by Real People

When it comes to choosing a name for your little prince, finding inspiration from real-life royals can add a touch of majesty and historical significance. Here are some royal baby boy names that have been influenced by real people:


Charles: This name, derived from the Old Germanic word “karl,” meaning “free man,” has been used by several prominent members of the British royal family. Prince Charles, the current heir apparent to the British throne, brings a sense of regality to this classic name.

2. Philip: A name with Greek origins, meaning “lover of horses,” Philip has strong affiliations with royalty.

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, embodies strength, duty, and dedication, making this name a kingly choice. 3.

Louis: With French origins, Louis has been the name of many monarchs throughout history. King Louis XIV of France, also known as the “Sun King,” is one of the most famous bearers of this name.

It represents grandeur and elegance, perfect for a little prince. 4.

George: This timeless name carries a royal lineage, as it was the name of six British kings. The most recent Prince George, son of Prince William and Duchess Kate, has brought the name back into the spotlight.

George symbolizes strength, leadership, and tradition. 5.

Edward: Dating back to the Anglo-Saxon kings, the name Edward has a long history in royal circles. King Edward the Confessor, known for his wisdom and piety, is one of the notable figures associated with this name.

Edward exudes authority and sophistication.

Names with Regal Meanings

If you’re looking for a royal baby boy name with a meaningful connection to royalty, consider these options:

1. Arthur: Derived from the Celtic word “artos,” which means “bear,” Arthur is often associated with the legendary King Arthur of medieval Britain.

This name evokes courage, chivalry, and a sense of destiny. 2.

William: Meaning “resolute protector,” William has been a cherished name within royal families for centuries. It gained immense popularity due to the respected legacy of William the Conqueror, who changed the course of English history.

3. Alexander: This name has its roots in ancient Greece and means “defender of men.” Alexander the Great, the famed Greek king, lends his regal aura to this name.

It represents bravery and leadership. 4.

Richard: The name Richard carries a noble meaning of “brave ruler.” It calls to mind the legendary figure of King Richard the Lionheart, who was known for his military prowess and valor. 5.

Henry: With Germanic origins, Henry means “ruler of the household” or “estate ruler.” It is associated with several English kings, including Henry VIII, known for his larger-than-life personality and his impact on the English Reformation.

List of Royal Baby Girl Names

Names Inspired by Real People

If you’re searching for a name fit for your little princess, drawing inspiration from real princesses and queens can provide a sense of elegance and grace. Here are some royal baby girl names inspired by real people:


Elizabeth: A name of Hebrew origins, meaning “God is my oath,” Elizabeth has been borne by several queens throughout history. Most notably, Queen Elizabeth I of England, known as the “Virgin Queen,” left a lasting legacy of strength and intelligence associated with this name.

2. Victoria: Derived from the Latin word “victoria,” meaning “victory,” this name carries the majestic air of the Victorian era.

Queen Victoria, whose reign marked a period of immense progress and change, is the embodiment of this name’s regal beauty. 3.

Catherine: With Greek origins, Catherine means “pure.” This name has been embraced by royal families worldwide, including Catherine the Great of Russia, whose astute leadership and cultural contributions make this name a symbol of grace and power. 4.

Mary: Steeped in biblical tradition, Mary is a name that has held a place of honor among royalty. Queen Mary I of England, also known as “Bloody Mary,” brought a sense of intrigue to the name.

Today, Mary evokes a sense of timeless elegance and virtue. 5.

Anne: A name rooted in Hebrew, Anne means “grace.” Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, is the most recognized historical figure associated with this name. Anne exudes both gentleness and strength, making it a fitting choice for a little princess.

Names with Royal Meanings

If you’re looking for a royal baby girl name with a regal meaning, consider these options:

1. Isabella: Derived from the name Elizabeth, Isabella means “pledged to God.” This name exudes a sense of religious devotion and deep-rooted significance, reminiscent of the faith and duty of sovereigns.

2. Alexandra: Meaning “defender of mankind,” Alexandra carries an air of strength and authority.

This name also has a historical connection through Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom, known for her philanthropic efforts and regal presence. 3.

Eleanor: This elegant name, meaning “bright, shining one,” has a rich history in royal circles. Eleanor of Aquitaine, known for her intelligence and strong personality, exemplifies the grace and nobility associated with this name.

4. Matilda: With Germanic origins, Matilda means “mighty in battle.” It evokes images of warrior princesses and queens who lead with strength and determination.

Empress Matilda, a prominent figure in English history, lends her regal aura to this name. 5.

Adelaide: Derived from the Germanic name “Adalheidis,” meaning “noble,” Adelaide exudes a sense of grace and grandeur. Princess Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, who became Queen consort of King William IV of the United Kingdom, adds a touch of royal heritage to this name.


Choosing a name for your little one is a significant decision, and considering royal baby names adds a touch of grandeur and historical significance. Whether you draw inspiration from real-life kings and queens or choose a name with a regal meaning, these royal names carry a sense of majesty that will endure throughout your child’s life.

By selecting a royal baby boy or girl name, you bestow upon your child the honor and nobility associated with the great monarchs of the past. So, embrace the regal heritage and give your child a name befitting royalty.

In conclusion, choosing a royal baby name adds an element of grandeur and historical significance to your child’s identity. Whether inspired by real-life kings and queens or rooted in regal meanings, these names carry a sense of nobility that will resonate throughout their lives.

From timeless names like Charles and Elizabeth to names with powerful meanings like Arthur and Matilda, the possibilities are endless. Embracing the regal heritage allows us to honor the rich history of royalty and instill a sense of grace, strength, and tradition in our children.

So, let the royal baby names guide your naming journey and create a lasting legacy for your little prince or princess.

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