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Tracking Santa’s Sleigh: From NORAD to Virtual Assistants

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Magic and Tradition of Santa Claus: Tracking His Sleigh on Christmas EveAs Christmas approaches, children and adults alike eagerly anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus, the jolly gift-giver who captivates our hearts. In this article, we will delve into two fascinating topics related to Santa Claus: the enchantment and tradition surrounding his visit, and the exciting technology that allows us to track his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Join us as we explore the magical experience of Santa Claus and discover the evolution of Santa tracking. The Anticipation of Santa Claus’ Visit

Magic and Tradition of Santa Claus

The notion of Santa Claus has always been magicalbringing joy to children and igniting our imaginations. From the Santa portrayed in movies and books to the cherished stories passed down from generation to generation, Santa Claus continues to be a symbol of love and excitement during the holiday season.

His iconic red suit, snowy white beard, and twinkling eyes bring wonderment to children around the world.

Personal Experience and Parental Continuation

For children, the anticipation of Santa’s arrival is palpable. On Christmas Eve, living rooms are filled with bustling excitement as stockings are hung with care and the present pile mysteriously grows larger.

Parents often relish the opportunity to join in on the magic by placing presents under the tree and creatively placing the mischievous Elf on the Shelf. This tradition keeps the enchantment alive and creates unforgettable memories for both children and parents alike.

How to Track Santa’s Sleigh on Christmas Eve

to Tracking Santa

With advancements in technology, the ability to track Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve has become a thrilling adventure for children worldwide. Various options, such as using the internet or specialized apps, allow us to join in on the excitement of Santa’s journey.

By following his progress, children can feel even closer to the magic of Christmas.

The Origins and Evolution of Santa Tracking

The origins of Santa tracking can be traced back to a misprinted ad in a newspaper that led children to call a military line instead of Santa’s workshop. This innocent mistake sparked the creation of a beloved tradition by Colonel Harry Shoup and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Today, tracking Santa has evolved into an interactive experience, with Alexa devices, websites, and social media platforms offering real-time updates. Popular radio stations like SiriusXM feature Santa updates, captivating listeners of all ages.

Additionally, Google Home devices provide an interactive experience for children eager to know Santa’s whereabouts. – NORAD: NORAD’s website ( offers live updates on Santa’s sleigh, videos, and games for children to enjoy.

– Alexa devices: Kids can ask their Alexa device, “Where is Santa?” to receive location updates on Christmas Eve. – Google Home devices: By enabling the “Santa Tracker Voice” app, children can ask their Google Home device for Santa’s location and embark on engaging conversations.


The anticipation of Santa Claus’ visit and the ability to track his journey on Christmas Eve continue to fill our hearts with joy and wonderment. From the magic of Santa’s traditions to the evolution of technology allowing us to join in tracking his progress, these aspects of Christmas enchant children and ignite the childlike spirit within adults.

As we eagerly await Santa’s arrival, may the magic and tradition of this holiday season bring warmth and happiness to all.

Ways to Track Santa

Calling NORAD

One classic way to track Santa’s sleigh is by calling NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). Kids can dial the special phone number, 1-877-HI-NORAD, and a friendly operator will provide updates on Santa’s current location.

This tradition began in 1955 when a Sears advertisement misprinted Santa’s phone number, directing calls to the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD), which later became NORAD. Instead of turning away the eager children, the commander on duty, Colonel Harry Shoup, embraced the spirit of the season and provided updates on Santa’s whereabouts.

Today, this cherished tradition continues, delighting children around the world. In addition to calling, the NORAD website ( offers an array of fun and interactive activities.

While waiting for Santa to make his appearance, children can explore the NORAD Gift Shop, packed with Santa-themed merchandise. The website’s arcade section provides joyful games to keep little ones entertained.

Meanwhile, the theater section features captivating videos, and the music section provides a festive playlist that sets the holiday mood. Additionally, the library offers interesting information about Santa Claus and Christmas traditions, allowing children to further immerse themselves in the magic of the season.

The NORAD Santa Tracker countdown amps up the excitement, building anticipation as Santa’s big night approaches.

Social Media Updates

In the age of social media, tracking Santa has become even more accessible and interactive. NORAD provides real-time updates on Santa’s journey through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

By following NORAD’s accounts, kids and their families can receive instant updates, captivating photos, and heartwarming stories from around the world. Social media not only keeps children engaged but also allows them to share the excitement with friends and family, spreading the magic of Christmas for all to enjoy.

SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live

For an immersive Santa tracking experience, SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live radio station offers special holiday programming. With the music and updates dedicated to Santa’s whereabouts, Kids Place Live brings the joy of the season to children through festive tunes and exciting announcements.

As families travel or celebrate at home, holiday music fills the airwaves, creating a festive atmosphere while keeping kids entertained and informed about Santa’s journey.

Tracking Santa with Alexa and Google Home

With the rise of virtual assistants, tracking Santa’s sleigh has become a hands-free experience. Utilizing voice commands and specialized skills, Alexa-equipped devices make Santa tracking easy and enjoyable.

By enabling the KAYAK skill, children can ask their Alexa device, “Where is Santa?” to receive updates on his location throughout Christmas Eve. Google Home devices also offer interactive Santa tracking, allowing children to ask voice commands and engage in playful conversations about Santa’s whereabouts.

Incorporating Holiday Fun and Wonder

Adding to the Wonder of Christmas Eve

Beyond tracking Santa’s sleigh, there are numerous ways to incorporate holiday fun and further ignite the wonder of Christmas Eve. Families can engage in timeless traditions like leaving cookies and milk for Santa, and perhaps even a carrot or two for his reindeer.

Building anticipation, families might gather around the fireplace to read stories, such as “The Night Before Christmas,” ensuring that the spirit of the season is felt throughout the evening. To add a touch of magic, families can create their own Santa sleigh tracking map.

By placing markers and notes along the route, children can visualize Santa’s progress and feel connected to his extraordinary journey. This visual representation adds to the excitement and brings a sense of wonderment to Christmas Eve.

As bedtime approaches, families can share in the enchantment by sprinkling “reindeer dust” (a mixture of oats and glitter) on the lawn, providing a sparkly trail to guide Santa’s reindeer. This delightful tradition fuels the imagination and keeps children eagerly anticipating Santa’s arrival.

In conclusion, the wonder of Christmas Eve and the excitement of tracking Santa’s sleigh go hand in hand. Whether it’s through traditional methods like calling NORAD or embracing new technology with virtual assistants, the magic of Santa Claus continues to captivate the hearts of children.

Through social media updates, radio programming, and interactive websites, families can embark on a journey filled with joy, wonder, and the anticipation of Santa’s arrival. As the holiday season approaches, let us cherish these traditions and allow the enchantment of Christmas to bring warmth and happiness to all.

In conclusion, the anticipation of Santa Claus’ visit and the ability to track his sleigh on Christmas Eve are cherished traditions that bring joy and wonder to children and adults alike. From the magic and tradition surrounding Santa Claus to the various ways of tracking him, such as calling NORAD, exploring the NORAD website, following social media updates, tuning into SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live, or utilizing virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home, the experience of Santa Claus is made even more memorable and engaging.

These traditions foster a sense of wonder and create lifelong memories. As the holiday season approaches, let us embrace the magic and excitement of Santa Claus and take joy in the enchantment that Christmas brings.

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